Currently society's throwaway culture supports a linear economy in which items, especially plastics, are used once and tossed out. In a circular economy, plastics would be designed, manufactured and collected in such a way that they could easily be broken down, separated and recycled

HC Plastic Sdn Bhd is doing our part to support plastics recycling in the circular economy


Why is our company not handling PCR?

Post consumer recycled (PCR) resin referred to recycled product of waste created by consumers. The cost of recovering post consumer resin is higher than industrial waste. This can be attributed to the extensive cleaning, sorting, and processing required to recapture the recycled resins. 

It is resource intensive and the quality of the recycle is affected, creating more wastage.

What products are ideal for using LLDPE/LDPE from HC Plastic?


Our N1 or N2 pellets are the ideal blend partner for manufacturers looking to increase the cost efficiency of their products and increase the recycled content. These pellets are suitable for profile extrusion, molding, blown film applications, and in the production of plastic goods.

Other applications of N1 or N2 pellets include molded plastic recycling bins, trash bags, grocery carry out bags and even foaming products for making sandals. Our pellets allow manufacturers to promote eco-friendlier option to consumers and lower their overall materials cost